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Since 2008, DRN has been a radio syndication service for music, entertainment, news & information.  DRN no longer provides syndication via satellite to North America.  Dance Radio Network is making a comeback with new programming delivered via IP to participating radio stations. 

DRN now provides customized programming to affiliate stations.  Music libraries are housed at your studios giving affiliates total control of the programming.  Logs are generated from our company headquarters.  We have a variety of genres to choose.

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Something NEW This Way Comes!

SPRING 2016 - DRN will be launching a new one hour show will be a fast-paced time capsule of today’s music and entertainment.  The radio host will guide listeners through an engaging aural experience of pop music, short interviews and actualities, entertainment news, and audience feedback.  Listener feedback will be a dialogue from our toll-free hotline, social media, and other electronic virtual participation methods.  This ‘need to know’ show will primarily focus on mainstream and dance radio.  ‘Hooks’ will be sampled from other genres including rhythm, urban, modern rock, and country introducing listeners to other hot airplay songs that week.  A structured program clock with music times, break times, etc. will become available.

A new online site with social media campaigns will be developed for the radio show.  Syndication will be to affiliate stations with a barter agreement.  The show will be free to affiliates in exchange for national advertisements.  Affiliates will have breaks within the program to air their own local advertisements.





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SPRING 2016 - A new web site and social media are coming in preparation for our upcoming syndicated show.

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